Refund and Cancellation Policy

No refunds will be given for work that has already begun, as soon as work starts on a product or service it is no longer eligible for a refund. With regards to domain names, all domain names are secured on behalf of the customer within 5 minutes of the sale, these, therefore, are legally binding straight away. No refunds can be given on domain name registrations. All of our Invoices and Proformas have a link at the bottom of them to our T&C’S on our website, and all of our invoices are e-mailed out at the time of purchase. We cannot be held responsible for mail not seen due to being delivered to junk or similar. If you are in need of support, website changes or anything else, get in touch with us on our contact number and we will be more than happy to assist. We are committed to providing a top quality and professional service at all times.

Please be aware that in all business to business transactions, there is no cooling off period. This is in accordance with current government guidelines which state no cooling off period is given unless explicitly stated.

Delivery Policy

Due to the electronic and virtual nature of our work, no physical product will be delivered. However we aim to complete the requested services within 60 days from the date on which the customers material is received. Every website developed requires the client’s involvement, if this involvement or other circumstances out of THE DOMAIN DIRECTORY (NORTHWEST) LIMITED control lead to a delay then this time period may be adjusted, if mock-ups/initial concepts are not responded to within 60 days we reserve the right to publish the work and collect final payment. We aim to always work with each and every client to make sure the product is exactly what you want and we will make all reasonable attempts to complete work in a timely manner however in the event of major delays due to lack of client response or material we cannot guarantee the deadline.

Fair Usage Policy

Any minor changes to web services offered by THE DOMAIN DIRECTORY (NORTHWEST) LIMITED will not be subjected to charges and are included in your annual hosting fee. If these changes will take a designer over an hour to complete they are classed as major changes and will be subject to an hourly fee of £35.

Copyrighted Material

The customer assumes all responsibility for images, content and materials provided. We operate under the assumption that you have fair use of all submitted material and in the event that you do not, we cannot be held responsible. This extends to images, content, iconography, trademarks and website designs.

Google Algorithm Updates

Google changes their algorithm at their own discretion, we have no idea when changes are coming and these can sometimes affect our customers rankings. We cannot be held responsible for algorithm changes or losses in rankings due to these. Every effort to keep websites up to date and in accordance with Googles guidelines will always be taken. If you are not a signed up for a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) contract then these changes may come at additional cost.

Domain Renewals

All domain names are subject to an annual renewal cost, this is standard practice and applies to every domain across the internet. Due to the large number of domains we host, we automatically renew domains 90 days prior to them expiring one year after purchase, this helps us avoid downtime or ever losing a customer’s domain due to late renewal.

If you wish to stop services or domain name renewals with us, we require knowledge of this 120 days prior to the domain expiring (120 days prior to the 12 month period from which you purchased it) otherwise they will be subject to the automatic renewal outlined above. You can contact us via phone, email or post to inform us of your intentions at any time. Please be aware that once a domain name has been renewed we are unable to reverse this and cannot issue refunds unless the prior notice was received, the domains are registered through the appropriate governing body and the renewal fee is paid to them.

We are happy to transfer domains out however these will be subject a flat £50 administration fee to cover the work and time necessary. We require the correct IPS tag for all .uk domain names and any mistakes from the client regarding the tag are entirely the client’s responsibility. We will not be held responsible for an incorrect IPS tag and a further flat £100 administration fee will be charged in the event of fixing an incorrect IPS tag so please ensure it is correct before submitting a transfer request.

Please note that all registrars are subject to an annual renewal fee and transferring out will not stop this.

Once a domain name has been registered we are unable to alter the name or extension of it without additional cost, should additional domain  names be requested or changes to the domain information it will be chargeable at the current market rate plus a flat administration fee of £100.

Transfers Out

Any domains with websites or landing pages on will be subject to an administration charge if transferred out. This covers our time and labour packaging and sending over the files which in some cases are quite large. Unless otherwise stated or included in your purchase the transfer of landing page files are subject to a one off fee of £100 per landing page. For full website designs we charge a flat £100 per page fee to have the website transferred out. Once a domain and subsequent files are transferred out and fees are paid, the full ownership of the intellectual property is also transferred to you.
If renewal is less than six month away then the domain name will incur a £20 charge for renewal prior to transfer, this is so we can ensure the domain is not in any expiration state which can prevent a successful transfer.


Any domain with a website hosted on top is subject to additional charges, this is due to the fact we need to pay for server costs to host said website. All of our servers are located on AWS (Amazon Web Services), specifically the London region to ensure fast speeds and maximum uptime.

Additional fees for hosting are £120 per annum however the first year is always free, these fees are to maintain our top end servers and keep websites running at acceptable speeds which also has a large impact on Google rankings.


Any chargeback received will result in all services and products being terminated immediately, restoring these will be subject to all outstanding costs being paid as well as a £50 administration fee for the time spent responding to the chargeback. Requesting a chargeback for a valid charge from us is classed as fraud, it is not a way to easily get a refund without consequence. If you wish a refund for whatever reason please get in touch with us directly first and we will try our best to resolve the issue without further action. Please also fully read and acquaint yourselves with our refund and cancellation policy before making a purchase to avoid any confusion.


All charges/costs unless otherwise explicitly stated are ex-VAT.

Company Number: 14245789

Registered trading address: Newland Farm, Newland, Ulverston, England, LA12 7QQ
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